Engagement scoring and lead escalation



1. Create your journey

In this example we'll begin the automated journey when a potential customer submits a particular contact request form, and we'll begin a series of automated timed emails

2.Add the engagement decision and Send To Hubspot action

Lets say we want to esclate the lead to our sales team when the engagement score is above 2, and lets say our sales team are using Hubspot.

So add a decision node and create a choice to the send to hubspot action. The default should continue to the next nurture email

3.Setup engagement score factors

Now we need to tell Kademi how we want to score engagement. This is done on the properties tab of the journey, where you can add from the list of supported engagement activities.

Here I've assigned a score of 2 for web activity, and 1.5 for opening emails.

This means that if someone has been active on the website recently they'll get a score of 2, but that will drop off over a few weeks. And customers will get a maximum score of 1.5 for opening emails, which will also drop off over time.

You'll need to experiment to find the right scores and factors to identify meaningful engagement.

4.Setup the decision rule

Now click on the settings cog for the decision, and set the rule to send to Hubspot.

You can also use dynamic groups to make decisions based on the type of customer. For example, maybe you want to respond more to leads with a job title of "CEO', you would create a dynamic list, and then add a decision condition to check the prospect.

In this case i require an engagement score of 2 for CEO's, or 3 otherwise

5.Check Hubspot

Now sit back and watch the leads roll in to your Hubspot account :)


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